Project Update November 2017

The EVA project has entered its second and final year, and the partnership is making good progress. Focus in the first year have been to create a well-structured orientation and evaluation system, where the potential entrepreneur can discover their enterprise skills. This happens through a set of questions, that maps the person’s mindset, previous experience in both entrepreneurship and labor market, and general skills such as language, ICT and communication.

When the questions are answered, the person gets at customized feedback with suggestions and recommendations to areas, where they can develop their knowledge and skills further. Alongside this the platform contains a collection of links to training materials (information, advice, entrepreneurship training, etc.), where this knowledge can be gained or expanded for each of the partner countries.

The work on the final part of the platform, the enterprise simulator, has also been initiated over the past months. Five different scenarios relevant to a new entrepreneur have been chosen and developed, which the user can explore. The scenarios are filled with points for reflection for a potential new entrepreneur and are meant to develop the business idea of the individual and to enforce contextual thinking about the knowledge learned. The last element of the platform is a test that will be completed after exploring the simulator, and the test results will be accompanied with a certification in the spirit of the ECVET system, acknowledging the competencies and knowledge learned by the user.

The platform is expected to be ready for internal testing in early spring of 2018.

Transnational Partner Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus

October 5th-6th the partnership had its 3rd transnational partner meeting of the project. This was hosted by SYNTHESIS in their premises in Nicosia, which is among others a very inspiring Hub for start-up companies. During the two meeting days the partners discussed the project progress and set the direction for the coming period.

The next partner meeting was set for the end of January 2018 in Magdeburg.

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