See the webinar!

In april we presented our platform for a group of stakeholders in an online webinar. During the 1 hour webinar we gave a brief introduction to the project, our platform, and the three parts of the tool.

Barbara Tosi from CSCI explained the assessment and evaluation tool in ‘Discover your Enterprise Skills’ and introduced the questions that evaluates and assess the users potential as entrepreneur.

Maria Georgiou from SYNTHESIS gave an view into the training materials and the different learning units the user can visit to gain more knowledge and skills in the ‘Develop your Enterprise Skills’ section.

Pietro Piazzolla from POLITO revealed the simulator environments, where the user can explore and put their knowledge into a practical context.

Finally, Anette Grunnet from VIFIN gave examples of the tests that are linked to the simulator scenarios, which aims to test and assess the users knowledge and competencies, rewarding them with at digital badge as a certification of their skills.

If you missed the webinar you can watch the recording by clicking here: watch the webinar