Discover your Enterprise Skills

Use the Screening Tool to see if you have what it takes yo become an entrepreneur,

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Develop your Enterprise Skills

The Entrepreneurship Training Programme lets you develop your Entreprise skills focusing on; starting your business; access to finance; sales and marketing; language, culture, communication and networking.

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Test your Enterprise Skills

Try the Enterprise Simulator: a Virtual Reality simulation environment (VR) that trains the user by reproducing real situations in a purely virtual environment.

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EVA- a European Entrepreneurship VET Model and Assessment Framework for Ethnic Minorities is a project co-financed through EUs ERASMUS+ Programme.  The partnership behind the project is made up of organisations from 5 countries: Denmark, Italy, Germany, Malta and Cyprus. The main goal of this project is to support and promote migrant and ethnic minority entrepreneurs and help these groups to overcome difficulties which might prevent them from starting and growing businesses in Europe.