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Welcome to EVA

You can access the EVA platform and its three main sections.

The EVA platform is a tool for potential entrepreneurs with a migrant background. The platform will look at your existing skills and mindset towards becoming an entrepreneur.   The platform will then guide you to areas where you might need to learn more.

Below, you will find instructions on how to use the platform – choose the guide that suits you best. The guides will explain the different sections of the platform and how to use them.

Guide for migrants

Guide for teachers/trainers

Video guide

Discover your enterprise skills

To be an entrepreneur you require skills and knowledge, together with a mindset that is focused on solving a problem or satisfying customer’s needs.

This section will ask you about your previous experience, your skills and personality and will help you to identify personal and social skills and methods that you may need to develop to become a successful entrepreneur.

Answer the questions in the survey to get your results that will guide you in the next section.

Click here to go discover your enterprise skills

Train and develop your skills to become an entrepreneur!

In the training materials collected you can find information and knowledge on being an entrepreneur in these areas:

  1. Business Creation
  2. Starting your business
  3. Access to Finance
  4. Sales and Marketing
  5. Culture, Language, Communication and Networking

Go to the materials by clicking here

Test your skills and knowledge on being an entrepreneur.

The Enterprise Simulator is where you can test your skills as an entrepreneur.

It has two parts:

  • A 3D simulator environment with 5 scenarios you can encounter as a new entrepreneur
  • A test for each of the 5 scenarios, which will evaluate your skills. Each test will give a digital badge when enough questions are answered correctly.

Find the simulator by clicking here


If you find that the buttons in the simulator are not in your language, you can go to this page and change the language .

Make sure to refresh the page you are on – or else you will not see any changes. Do not refresh the page when you have started answering questions. The system will delete the questions you have already answered!